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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Elusive Bottom For Home Prices Near, Forecast Says

Improving economic data and government-policy developments have led Bank of America/Merrill Lynch to call for the long-awaited bottom in housing prices this year. The firm tweaked its forecast from November, when it expected home prices to fall 3.5% in 2012. Now, it expects a modest gain of 0.5%, a good sign for the sector that Read More

Homeownership Can Translate Into Tax Savings

Mortgage interest is just the beginning. Owning a home can provide some significant advantages when it’s time to file your federal tax return. From green energy credits to deductions for damage from natural disasters, there are a number of items homeowners may be able to claim that could reduce a tax bill. Most homeowners know Read More

Wealthy Home Buyers Demand Bathrooms; Lots Of Bathrooms

Here’s another way the rich are different: They have more bathrooms. Real estate brokers who cater to the moneyed say their clients typically want homes that have at least two bathrooms for every bedroom. And with spacious tubs, floor lamps, dressing areas and seating, some bathrooms rival bedrooms in size. “The bathroom has become the Read More

As Home Prices Fall Further, Is It Time To Buy?

Nobody wants to catch a falling knife. It is as simple as that. If potential buyers see continued home price erosion, they will stay parked on the sidelines. But as with everything else in this unique and historic housing market, perhaps the usual logic doesn’t apply. “Housing is one of the great investments right now. Read More