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Glendale Homes

The city of Glendale is the third largest in Los Angeles County, spanning nearly 30 square miles and boasting a population of almost 200,000 people. Of the nearly 40,000 structures in the city, half have been built before the 1960’s – giving the city its incredible character and atmosphere. Buyers looking at Glendale homes are in for a treat, as throughout several excellent neighborhoods, there is a great deal of potential to find a historic home that can satisfy even the most discerning tastes.

Whether you look to Art Deco or mid-century modern homes in West Glendale, Spanish or Mediterranean homes in Royal Canyon, or the iconic California ranch homes in Ranchos, there is no lack of variety when it comes to Glendale homes. It is safe to say that every major residential architecture movement is represented throughout the city, and this city is indeed a treasure trove for those who appreciate fine architecture.

While there is a small town atmosphere within each neighborhood, the city itself offers a vibrant lifestyle full of opportunity. Corporations across various industries bolster a thriving local economy, and the city features a sports center, Civic Auditorium, and a culturally diverse population. Residents of Glendale homes enjoy everything from excellent shopping, dining, and recreation options in a moderate climate all year round.

For more information about Glendale homes, contact Steve and Lisa Haussler. Their unsurpassed knowledge of historic and architectural properties combined with their experience and proven market savvy make then an exceptional resource for your next home search or sale.