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Property Details

  • 1421 Palm Street

    Altadena, CA 91001
  • Status: Sold
    Year Built: 1926
  • A Truly Remarkable Opportunity
  • Sold for: $1,350,000
    Offered at: $1,350,000

MLS Number: 22085784

  • Wild Wood Park
  • Henry Greene, Architect
  • Amazing rock work and other landscape features

Wild Wood Park is a small collection of buildings and landscape elements developed by Henry Greene in the early 1920s for a local business man-turned-dairy farmer and developer, Walter D. Valentine.

Surrounded by oaks and set in a seemingly remote canyon, the cottages remaining today reflect the legacy of the Greenes work in their relationship to the immediate surroundings as well as their use of materials and detailing in construction.

Offered for sale is Cottage D on Henry Greene's plans, plus a barn, storage building and the enchanting Composury, all set on over an acre of verdant oak grove. The main home is sheltered beneath one of the largest oaks in this region and features three bedrooms, one and three-quarter baths, and formal dining room. The living room is ornamented with iron-strapped and corbelled beams and a cloud-lift pattern in the wood work; French doors open to a wide porch overlooking the rock gardens. Two dramatic chimneys seem to support the entire house.

Behind the cottage is the barn, with workshop, loft and spaces to park automobiles, as well as a rustic storage building. The broad, open terrace is flanked by wide stone steps and surrounded by the grove. The property continues into other lands, with a bridge leading further up the canyon. Down stream, convenient to the house, is the Composury, a studio designed for a writer. Many plants mingle with stonework and pathways under the oaks. The amphitheater is a favored meeting place for company.

Over all the air is harmonious, natural and truly reminiscent of the 19th-Century California landscape.

Our marketing efforts on behalf of these Sellers generated a tremendous amount of interest, and the home sold in a little over a week for the asking price. Call or email us to discuss the marketing of your property today.