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Pasadena Modern Homes

Pasadena CA has a longstanding reputation as a collection of historic architecture; more so than many of its neighbors, this city has actively held onto its rich history and is the site for a wide range of architectural styles that developed over the last 100 years. Among them, the modern period of architecture produced structures with a new sense of simplicity and openness, and Pasadena modern homes are a lasting reflection of that movement.

From Frank Lloyd Wright to the Bauhaus school, the influence of some of the most significant architects of the modern age is etched into the style of Pasadena modern homes. You will find homes that are modular, minimal, and built to compliment the beautiful Southern California landscape. Overhanging eaves, terraces, and large windows are common features, and are the perfect way to view and enjoy the vista and in some special cases, the mountain surroundings.

Many Pasadena modern homes feature open living spaces, walls of glass, and interiors that are laid out with an attention to clean, simple lines and the use of natural materials – providing a high degree of sophistication and ambiance. Like all modern architecture, there is also a strong emphasis put on functionality, and residents living in these modern wonders discover a level of a comfort and convenience that is rarely surpassed.

For more information about Pasadena Modern Homes, contact Steve and Lisa Haussler. Their unsurpassed knowledge of historic and architectural properties combined with their experience and proven market savvy make then an exceptional resource for your next home search or sale.

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