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San Marino Real Estate

For generations, the city of San Marino has remained an affluent community that has been sought after by many families to settle down and grow in, and for good reason. This well maintained neighborhood is renowned for its quality of life, from its great schools, architectural landmarks, and of course collection of amazing homes that encompass San Marino real estate.

There is a wide array of homes available in San Marino; beautiful traditional homesCraftsman bungalows, Mediterranean style homes, and expansive mansions are just some of the many properties that make up San Marino real estate. Many of the homes have been immaculately maintained, and retain an impressive amount of character – these distinguished properties are beyond what one would typically expect to find in an old home.

One of best reasons to consider San Marino real estate is the quality of life. The city has set high standards for the preservation of its residential character, the maintenance of its sprawling and beautiful Lacy Park, which combine to create an unforgettable atmosphere. Families with children are especially happy to know that the schools here are National Blue Ribbon Schools, and have won many accolades for its high grade of quality.

For more information about San Marino real estate, contact Steve and Lisa Haussler. Their unsurpassed knowledge of historic and architectural properties combined with their experience and proven market savvy make then an exceptional resource for your next home search or sale.